A new versatile responsive portfolio & blog theme.

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Download and unzip

Once You download file from Theme Forest unzip it, in the unzipped folder you should have:

Install Entypo Pictogram Suite Font

For a proper installation Studiofolio theme requires the installation of a special modified version of Entypo Pictogram Suite Font improved for better old browsers compatibility not included in the download package.

  1. Download the package: Entypo
  2. Unzip it
  3. Copy the whole package inside the the fonts folder of Studiofolio theme (assets/css/fonts/).
  4. Re-zip the package.

Select theme

  1. Upload the theme on Appearance > Themes > Install Themes > Upload and load the file.
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes and activate "Studiofolio".

NB. Studiofolio is Retina Ready and here is how.

All the icons and graphics element are vector based so will perform for High Density screen.

If you want to achieve Retina quality for all the images we reccomend to use this plugin



Once the theme is installed you need to set up the home page and the blog page in order to work correctly. 

The blog or a news page is anyway not a must for the theme to work and if you don't need it just skip thi step and set only the home page.

  1. Create two pages one for the home and one for the blog/news. Give any name you wish.
  2. Go to Settings > Reading and set the home page you create as Front page, then the blog page as Posts page.

The creation of the menu is done by the standard way of Wordpress.

  1. Go to Appearance > Menus and click the + sign to add a new menu and give it a name.
  2. On Theme Locations choose the menu you have just created.
  3. Select all the pages you wish to have on the menu and click Add to Menu.


NB. Since Studiofolio 3.0 you have the possibility of create multiple pages like the front page which you can have anywhere you want and not necessary on the front page. To do so just create as many as you want of pages with the template 'Front Page' then different menu items will appear in the option panel of Stufiolio related to each of the page created. Then follow the following instuctions to fill the pages.

Since the home page is a composition of other posts, pages and portfolio items you need to have some material ready to work with before you can compose the home page. So skip for the moment this step in case you don't have created anything else yet.

There are two different way to create the home page and that is either in automatic or manual way. You will find the switch under Studiofolio > Front-page > Automatic layout creation.

Automatic: If you choose automatic every post, page or portfolio will end up on the home page for exception of those post you wish to exclude by inserting the ID.

Manual: In manual mode you have just to click Load content to load in all the posts you have created and then select those you wish to show on your home page. Every time you create new material you need to go back in this page and add it to the list by clicking again Load content.


You have also the possibility to have a featured slideshow on home page or just HTML text which you can style as you like.  You'll find the switch under Studiofolio > Front-page > Slideshow On.

Slider Revolution: In order to use this option you need first to create at least one slider with Slider Revolution. You can find the documentation inside the main Studiofolio folder you have downloaded.

Flexslider Slideshow: In order to use this option you need first to create a page, assign the template Gallery and load the material into it. Then you will be able to choose the gallery you have created from the list. Other options are also available for the gallery, such as the Aspect ratio and the minimal height of it. 

HTML Text: If you choose to have an HTML section on the top of your home just insert your code insede the textarea HTML text in the feature area.

In case you don't want to nothing on top of your home page just set the switch Slideshow on in the OFF position and leave the textarea empty.


With Studiofolio you have the possibility to have multiple portfolios so just repeat this steps in case you wish to create more than one.

  1. Create a page with the name of your portfolio and assign to it the Portfolio template.
  2. Create all the Portfolio items you need with the relative content but remeber to assign to them to the right portfolio page from the list Assign this portfolio item to a portfolio page.
  3. To be able to insert the portfolio details information you need first to create the fields under Studiofolio > Portfolio, after they will appear inside the portfolio item creation page under the section Portfolio details. Leave them blank if you don't need them to appear in some of the items.




With Studiofolio every time you create a post or a page or a portfolio item you have the possibility to choose the layout for it. On the sidebar of the editing page you will find the list of all the possible layout.

For the posts and the portfolio items you'll find them under Layout, for the pages under Page Attributes > Template.

NB. Different layout will have different behavior when it comes to portfolio items, the isotope layout will infact open a lightbox when an image is clicked but not the others.

General Settings

After this video we added the possibility to have the Infinity Scroll function when pagination is needed and also two different style base color of the all theme. Both this set up can be founded in the General Setting.

With Studiofolio 3.0 we have included the famous plugin Slider Revolution and from this option area you can choose to skin it with the Undsgn style by activating 'Slider Revolution Style'. 

Social options


Portfolio and Contact details

This is the way you should create the layout for your content (more info Every row of layout has to begin by clicking the the button Begin. After that you need to create the columns structure for the row and you can do that by clicking the numbers 1 to 12, that is creating columns wide as much as the number clicked. For instance if you click 2 times the number 6 that will create 2 columns wide 6 grid columns dividing the content equally and wide the all row. It is also important that every row will not exceed the number 12 when all columns are added. Ex. 2-10 / 4-8 / 6-6 / 5-7 / 12 (12 will take 100% of the width) Just end the row by clicking End.

Slider Revolution

You can find the plugin with the documentation inside the main Studiofolio folder downloaded from ThemeForest. Just upload and install it from the WordPress plugin page.



Our plugin of choise for the contact form is Contact Form 7.



For items containing audio elements we have choose to use SoundCloud containing host for the media. Studiofolio is working with the plugin called SoundCloud Shortcode, so install it in order to use correctly audio files in Studiofolio.



The best choise for having retina quality images is WP Retina.





Photographic Images

All images used in the preview of this theme are regularly dismissed from 123Rf and dusate licensed under the terms of use set by dealer. The images shown are not part of the package for sale, but are used for illustration purposes only.

Artworks Images

Undsgn want to thank all the artists Dribbble that we have granted permission to use their images in the preview of our themes: